Wednesday 29 August 2012

Stitching Together

Last week saw the final two sessions at The Booth Centre and Life Matters. The four weeks have flown by and we only wish we could go back every week! At The Booth Centre we had a lovely relaxed session where the group sat and embellished their textile prints with embroidery over a cup of tea and great conversation. 

When were planning Connecting Threads we were hopeful that the social aspect of embroidery- sitting together to create something with a slow and focused process, would allow participants to connect with each other in a natural and unforced way. In my experience of facilitating art and craft workshops with a huge range of different people, it is amazing how getting involved with a shared task can break down barriers between people and open up conversation. 

During the exhibition we will have a large communal piece of embroidery for visitors to add their own stitches and doodles too. We're hoping for a friendly and welcoming atmosphere with visitors feeling at ease to interact with us, the volunteers and participants in the space. The sessions in the centres may be coming to an end, but were hoping that connections can still continue to be made! 

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