Sunday 5 August 2012

The First Sessions!

We've made a start! Last Friday saw the first two workshops of the project, held a   LifeMatters and The Booth Centre. It was an action-packed day and by the end we were two tired but happy facilitators!

At Life Matters we facilitated a drop-in session experimenting with monoprinting images of Manchester. We were a bit worried at first that people wouldn't be interested in joining in, but after a while people got stuck in! The participants made some beautiful prints and handmade   postcards to send to other people taking part in the project.

At the Booth Centre we had a big group of enthusiastic people ready to get inky! Each participant quickly generated a collection of expressive prints which will be developed into textile works during the project. Photographer Anna White documented the sessions beautifully.

We had such a brilliant time getting to know the participants and felt relieved to have made the first steps towards creating something special together.

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